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 The following  .pdf item is the letter sent to AKASL, from 2008 Acting Deputy Director, Hal Spackman.



Please give us your certification stories. We are trying to work with Alaska Department of Education to ensure that we are recognized as the teachers/librarians we are.


Yes! We would like to encourage Alaska school librarians who have certified, or recertified in the past two years, to share their "story" with us. We all seem to be getting such mixed messages from all directions about whether school librarians need a Type A, Type C, Both, or a Type A with an endorsement. Kari Sagel, AkASL's Southeast Rep has gratiously offered to spear-head this topic for our organization. At this point she wants to hear from as many Alaskan school librarians as possible that have recently recertified, or are getting ready to re-apply.


Information from the Eboard Meeting:

After getting input from members at the 2006 AKLA meeting, our board has put certification on our list of goals.


We have a subcommitte of members that are made up of Kari Sagel, Robin Turk, Erika Drain, Barb Bryson, Sue Sherif, and Bob Vanderwege.


Meeting with Roger Sampson (Kari)

On September 25, I went to Juneau to meet with Roger Sampson regarding the school certification issue. I went as an individual, but took along the advice of the AkASL executive board. Sue Sherif advised asking Mr. Sampson to outline the steps we would need to take with either the essay writing service or the state school board to ensure type A certification was availabe to librarians with teacher training. The meeting with Mr. Sampson was a good one. He listened carefully and expressed the opinion that it made sense that teacher librarians be eligible for the type A endorsement. He was clear that this would mean having two certifications open to school librarians - the type C and the type A - to be conferred depending on education and training. He said that he believed the certification issue could be resolved within the Department of Education. He asked me to send him a brief request outlining the "arguments" for restoring the type A certificate. I have begun working on that letter. Mr. Sampson said he would welcome a letter from the association stating its views. Mr. Sampson said he would use the letters as a basis for asking Ms. Curran to strongly reconsider the current certification process. The meeting was short, but I gained some hope that we can have a dialog with the Department of Education. Mr. Sampson was very open and he spoke highly of school librarians. I'll keep you updated!


Email Me:

You can email me directly with your school certification stories, essay, and opinions at sagelk@mail.ssd.k12.ak.us with Certification as the subject.






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